Latest Additions to Washing Machines

Where would we be without the trusty washing machine? They enable us to quickly and effortlessly wash our clothes and bedding without the need for a mangle or a bowel of hot, soapy water. As technology advances, washing machines are becoming increasingly sophisticated with streamlined designs and innovative features that will make the washing process even quicker, simpler and, perhaps most importantly, quieter!

If you’re thinking of investing in a new washing machine, here’s our guide to the latest developments in technology.

**Gadgets. ** Technology and gadgets are advancing at a rapid rate and the leading washing machine producers are ensuring that their models are not being left behind. Some of the latest washing machines offer LCD, full colour touch screens that allow you to scroll through settings and cycles, whilst models boasting USB ports enable you to create custom applications and download product updates – impressive!

Energy Efficiency. Washing machines are becoming increasingly more energy efficient – allowing you to wash safe in the knowledge that you are using minimal energy and incurring minimal costs. Bosch’s Vision washing machine, for example, incorporates a network of energy sensors that analyse your wash from start to finish and adjust the water level, temperature, and detergent amount to make sure that each load is as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

Water Conservation. In addition to energy efficiency, many of the latest washing machines find ways in which to conserve water making them much more environmentally friendly than traditional models. The GE Profile Energy Star, for example, boasts a rain shower rinse system that gives each load three gentle showers rather than filling the drum with large amounts of water.

‘Add a Garment’ Feature. We’ve all been there – you’ve loaded up the washing machine and the cycle has started, when you suddenly remember you’ve left out that top or dress that you really need to wash. With the latest washing machine technology, this no longer means waiting for the wash to finish and starting all over again. Models boasting the innovative ‘add a garment’ feature allow you to pause the cycle and safely add in whatever you’ve forgotten.

Shhhh. The load, droning tones of the washing machine’s cycle may well be a thing of the past. Thanks to innovative stabilisation technology, many models have reduced vibration and noise. The Samsung Kenmore, for example, incorporates 36 stainless steel balls that spin in the opposite direction to the drum in order to balance the washer during the cycle.

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