Stunt kites for beginners

I’m writing this as a complete novice. I’d imagine that most readers would feel the same about flying a Kite. You might have flown the odd Kite as a kid on the beach at Weston’ and perhaps forgotten quite how exhilarating the experience is. The guys at the Kite store took us to the ‘Downs’ in Bristol for an afternoon to re-introduce us to the concept of flying a Kite and the varied types available now.

We started off with the rather novel looking Triangulation from HQ-Kites (£29.99). This is an awesome looking Kites with a very unique design by world renowned kite artist, Joel Scholz. This single line Kite is perfect for families and festival goers looking for something to get up into the air easily. Once up, it will stay airborne for a long time without any fuss.

But for some, simply looking pretty isn’t enough. We then unpacked the next Kite known as the Beetle X15 (£34.99). The Beetle is an outstanding small stunt kite that makes an ideal beginners model. Slightly more complicated than the previous Kite in that it has two lines, but it certainly does open up the ability of the Kite allowing multiple turns and twists making the whole experience more enjoyable. It is well behaved, incredibly light and robust and is a delight to fly.

Always looking for the next thing to do we were very excited by the sight of the next Kite. Knowing it was a Power Kite, we were keen to get this one air borne. This particular Kite is known as the Ozone Flow (£149.00 to £229.00). We’ve all seen the Kites like this around while sitting on the ‘Downs’. These are slightly more technical to set-up with four lines and wrist straps.

As a beginner it’s worth taking the Kitestore guys up on a demonstration and set-up of the Kite before attempting this yourself. Once this Kite took to the sky the fun was endless. We were using a 3 meter version and the power it offers can make you jump off your feet. After initial help we were able to get to grips with the Kite bringing a new dimension to your weekend relaxing in the park.

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